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Welcome to the league of extraordinary humans at Brain Snacks Co. We are people who want to chase our career passions, nurture the ones we love and make the world a better place, even if it means changing the way we do things. We are about women who support women and men who support women, and we want to make it easier for us all to succeed.

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As a busy parent we know you’re dealing with competing priorities on a daily basis, but setting aside time for you is super important. You have a career, dreams and goals too and Brain Snacks Co is dedicated to giving time and space for you to grow. Through our special events and workshops, personal enrichment, professional development, leadership development, career coaching and support services, we have something for everyone. Even if you’re just starting out in your career, or just had baby, or are heading back to work while your toddler attends daycare, we can help you navigate the path to success.

Coming soon - A Space for you to network and flourish

In April 2019, we will open our first location in east-end Regina, where you can come to grab a coffee, co-work with other working parents and leave the children in the hands of capable and qualified caregivers. Our parents will also have access to a program of professional development events designed for career acceleration and increasing the well-being of women and families.

Stay tuned for more details from our Founder & Chief, Donna Crooks, on her big idea for changing the world.


Donna is a leader. She was a guiding light for me as I entered the workforce and continues to be a role model as I advance in my career. Being a young female, Donna’s unmatched mentorship instilled confidence and pride in me that has undoubtedly empowered me to succeed. She illuminates any room she enters with her exceptional combination of knowledge, compassion, drive and presence.
— Ashley Gayton, Director of Communications Services, Executive Council

Lean In with Donna


Fall 2018 Season Kicking Off Now



Lean In Circles are small groups who meet regularly to learn and grow together, and they’re changing lives. Women are asking for more, stepping outside their comfort zones, and leaning in. To learn more, visit


Lean In with Donna is a Circle in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is a monthly-ish gathering for women who want to be themselves at home, at work and out in the world, and want to support other women in success. No judgments. No apologies. Come as you are.

The Circle will discuss life and work challenges and opportunities, politics, feminism and kindness. Members will have the opportunity to eat, drink, laugh and cry together and restore energy and courage for taking on the world. The revolution is female!