We are for the league of extraordinary humans, who want to succeed at work and in life and won't take "no" for an answer.

Brains Snacks Co is a start-up launched in Regina, Saskatchewan in May 2018 that provides support services to busy, working professionals, including those who have small children. In 2018, the business is offering workshops, career and leadership coaching and special events. 

When Founder, Donna Crooks, was expecting her first son, she was torn by the dilemma of work or family. It seemed like an unfair puzzle to have to choose to leave her professional passions to fulfill her dreams of having a family. Why must everything be put on hold leading up to pregnancy, during pregnancy and afterward?

With the #MeToo movement in 2018, the world is taking notice of the experiences of women in achieving their professional goals, and the barriers that slow them down in their pursuit of leadership roles and other measures of success. As Sheryl Sandberg noted in her book, Lean In, women often begin to compromise their career success early on, trading the anticipation of a family for stretch assignments and promotions at work.

Anyone who is a parent knows how challenging it is to balance work and family commitments. Thinking of this problem, Donna wondered about a place where men and women can be supported as they grow their careers and raise their families. By making this opportunity available to both women and men, Brain Snacks Co helps to create more opportunities for women to be as invested in their careers and personal progress as their husbands might be. It helps to level the playing field for both.

With her expertise in career development and leadership, and with two kids under her belt, she hopes to grow Brain Snacks Co into a full-service business that helps parents and careerists integrate their families and their professional lives so that they can be successful in both areas.

Leadership Team


Donna Crooks,

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Donna’s personal vision is to make a difference in the lives of others through her work and in her life. Her passion is developing people to achieve their best, personal performance.

She is the Founder & Chief at Brain Snacks Co. This is a business designed for the league of extraordinary humans, those who want to integrate the demands of a busy personal and professional schedule while accelerating their career growth. Donna runs things with her team of amazing humans, and loves to spend her time interacting with parents who are trying to grow tiny humans and their careers at the same time.

Donna also has an extensive resume in the public sector. She has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan for 12 years. She is currently supporting organizational development work at the new Ministry of Trade and Export Development.

Among her career highlights, she includes her role as Chief Transformation Officer within the Ministry of Social Services in 2017, when she led an amazing team of innovators to collectively disrupt the status quo in government's income assistance programming.

Another of Donna's proud achievements in public service was the launch of Saskatchewan.ca in 2013. This work was the first step toward achieving a vision to give Saskatchewan people what they want and need online, anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Donna has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Regina and a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she is also the Vice Chair and Director for the Board of the Lung Association, Saskatchewan.


Alice Nicholls,

Vice President of Marketing & Operations

Ali is Donna’s creative soulmate. She joins Brain Snacks Co to oversee branding, marketing, social media engagement and operations of our first store front slated to open in Regina, Saskatchewan in April 2019. In particular, she will use her culinary talents to design the Brain Snacks Co menu, with featured menu options from her own personal recipes at Plant Tribe.

Ali is the Chef, Social Media Influencer and Food Blogger behind Plant Tribe. Find her recipes at plant-tribe.com or on social @planttribefood



Brain Snacks Co is opening its first bricks and mortar location in 2019. Resumes are currently being accepted from extraordinary humans looking to make a difference in the world.

Calling Barista.png

Baristas & Coffee Clerks

Start dates in april & may

Brain Snacks Co is hiring full-time and part-time baristas and coffee clerks for its new coffee shop, currently under construction at 376 University Park Drive.

Our baristas and clerks will get to serve coffee to our guests in a diverse and inclusive work environment that is focused on supporting women in their career success. Start each shift with a premium coffee and a smile for your co-workers and our guests. Serve our customers high-quality, Canadian-roasted coffee and delicious delights from food enthusiast Alice Nicholls and Plant Tribe. Provide personalized guest services to the women in our co-work space. And take advantage of mentorship and career coaching opportunities by working with our talented leaders.

Bring your work ethic and commitment to a great customer experience to Brain Snacks Co. No previous coffee experience needed. Email your resume to donna@brainsnacks.co.



start dates in may

Brain Snacks Co is looking for qualified and experienced caregivers for full-time and part-time positions for its drop-in daycare service for infants to age 5. Our first bricks and mortar location is under construction at 376 University Park Drive.

Our childminders will support the success of working moms and busy parents by minding little ones in our fun, learning-filled environment on a drop-in, short-term basis. Our employees are always welcome to start their days with a premium coffee and a warm welcome from the team. You will create a safe place for children, facilitate children’s classes and help parents escape, worry-free to our co-work space, coffee shop or off-site to another commitment. And, as part of our team, you’ll have access to mentorship, career coaching and networking opportunities to help grow your career.

Preferred candidates must love children. You will be pursuing studies in early childhood education and other related studies, have experience caring for children and have current designations in CPR and First Aid. Email your resume to donna@brainsnacks.co.