Ever since she can remember, Ali has had a passion for food and photography and all things creative. A couple years ago, she turned this passion into a blog called, Plant Tribe, where she develops recipes for fellow vegans. Though her vegan lifestyle has influenced the menu at Brain Snacks, she is determined to keep the food selection as inclusive as possible. This means customers will find items that are dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and even some for the meat-lovers out there. This inclusivity is what Ali loves the most about Brain Snacks Co. because it doesn't just extend to the menu. The entire environment was built for women like her who want a space to feel free to be themselves and to connect with other women. In addition to all of her ambitions and passion projects, Donna describes her as a "dedicated nurturer" and anyone who has had the privilege of working with Ali knows the care, thoughtfulness and compassion she brings to the team.

Like Donna, Ali has a lot of experience working in the public sector. She has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan for the past 10 years as part of Government’s Digital Transformation team, working to make public services for citizens and businesses accessible in an easy manner. Her career highlights include being part of the team that delivered, managing the content migration for ministries and government agencies, co-creating Government’s Digital Standards and Framework, and helping our province’s most vulnerable access online services for government’s income assistance programming.