Thanks for the love extraordinary humans

Wow! We are celebrating a summer with our doors open at Brain Snacks Co! A BIG thank you to everyone who has come out to support the business so far this summer. Every customer who comes through the door makes us smile. 


I am so proud of my new place and the people who made it a reality. And so, I am give a few thank yous. 

To start, thank you to Andy Crooks for daring to do more with me. Our life is so full and he is an amazing human. I cannot say in words how wonderful life is with Andy on my side. 


Thank you to my Mom. You gave me the wings to fly in this world and I am so grateful for everything you have done for me and for our family. Because of you, I know what to do to get things to go right and, more importantly, I know what to do when things go wrong.

Thank you to Ali Nicholls, for taking the leap to join Brain Snacks Co. She is the artist behind our branding, the brains behind our marketing and the genius behind our menu. Ali championed me, supported me and helped me to make so many of the decisions that has made Brain Snacks Co the way it is today.

Thank you to Fiorante for bringing our beautiful space to life.

Thank you to the women in my life who have shored up my confidence and helped me to take big risks. You are extraordinary humans and I value you!

I would also like to recognize the Brain Snacks Co team. We have a team of about 15 people who are learning the ropes in our kitchen and in our coffee shop.

We have hired women (and a couple men) from many different walks of life: high school students; university students; newcomers; people of colour; career women; people with disabilities; and, people who may normally find it difficult to find work. Our mission is to close the gender gap and ensure honest and capable people are valued no matter their gender, their colour, who they love or any other difference.

It’s a beautiful world. See you in the sunshine.

Much love,


#FOMO about #JOMO

Hey extraordinary humans! I did the #JOMO thing this weekend and it was good. I would love to share some pictures of it, but guess, what? I didn't take any.

If you are feeling any #FOMO as you scroll your social media today, it should be the fear that you are missing out on the Joy of Missing Out.

Why am I creating Brain Snacks Co?

Why am I creating Brain Snacks Co?

I was deep in a passion project at work, and I could not imagine leaving it to start my family. The dilemma caused me to wonder, why must everything be put on hold leading up to pregnancy, during pregnancy and afterward? 

This conversation with myself was the start to Brain Snacks Co.

Negotiate or stagnate

Negotiate or stagnate

Women are less likely to negotiate, period. This can have far-reaching impacts in our families, our social circles and our professional lives. Everything from the division of duties in the home, teamwork, boundaries in relationships, stretch opportunities, promotions, salary, hours of work, vacation, benefits and title. And what about the negotiation that goes on in our heads? These are the negotiations we have with ourselves. It's narrative that shapes our self-esteem and our confidence. 

Vitamins to the rescue

Vitamins to the rescue

Hey Career Adventurers! Today I want to share one of my secrets to survival on the career and parent journey. It's vitamins. And before I start, I want you to know this is nothing fancy and this isn't to sell you anything. It's just the basics of vitamins -- how they help me to regain ground after stressful events and stay on top of my game.

Unleash kindness

Unleash kindness

The majority of people are born with the ability to be empathetic and to respond with kindness. Notwithstanding psychopaths of course. That makes us all well positioned to unleash some kindness out into the world.  This week, I had the pleasure of co-chairing Career Women Interaction's Women in Leadership Conference in Regina. This is my second time participating in the conference, and I was even more impressed this time with the caliber of leadership.

Are good ideas flame retardant?

Are good ideas flame retardant?

Are good ideas flame retardant? If not, why don't they catch and spread like wildfire? Being a 30-ish woman, working to change the world, there is always the inevitable encounter of resistance to change. Some of this is the double bind women face in the workplace -- too much confidence, ambition or success correlates to dislike and rejection. But some of this is something else. As if one insurmountable, giant, harry gnarly barrier wasn't enough!