Dream on


The Regina screening of Dream, Girl at the University of Regina this month was, for me, the definition of catharsis. It is easy to feel isolated, like the only one in the world when you are at odds with the norms around you.Dream, Girl reminds us that there are many women pioneering the future in business and public service and in service of others who are made to think they are crazy for dreaming outside the box or from underneath the glass ceiling.


We are asked to be more or less like men, or more or less assertive, to do what is expected or to do what we are told, to be different than we are. We are bullied, harassed and coerced into a more acceptable version of ourselves. This is a noisy distraction, and a force that tampers with the future of our world.

We are all legitimate dreamers on our journey to have an impact on the world. We bring our gifts to the world each in our own way and according to our own aspiration. We will not be set aside.

The film Dream, Girls embraces a movement inspiring women everywhere to embrace their inner entrepreneur. Check it out here.

So don’t listen to the naysayers or the ones who hold you down. Choose those who will have influence on you, the ones you can trust to help shape the leader you will become. Know there are kindred spirits all around working on the same personal mission.

And if you get a chance to see the film, don’t miss out. It’s an inspiration to keep reaching beyond our grasp.

Dream on friends.