Musings on Leadership


As I move on from one leadership journey to the next, I am so grateful for the courageous and talented people who let me into their lives over the last year. We set out to make meaningful change for our clients and we did that in so many inspired ways.

There is a contradiction inherent in leadership - it is all about the leader and yet it has nothing to do with the leader.

It can be difficult to hold these two truths at the same time. Leaders must always tend to their own mastery of leadership, ensuring they have the self-awareness, knowledge, capacity and emotional intelligence for the job. They must develop a leadership presence, and use that to set a steady pace for progress and to inspire people to take on challenging tasks with energy and optimism. And while they do all of this important internal work, they always have to keep their own ego in check, knowing that nothing is about them.

Real leadership is about inspiring people to be their best selves and to do their best work. Encouraging people to ask that question, "What could I accomplish if I tried?" People want to have an impact, be heard, learn new things, feel like part of something bigger than themselves and be recognized for their talents and achievements. Good leaders know this simple truth and share their power with their teams so that everyone can lead the journey.


Leaders know when they have succeeded when their teams have succeeded and feel good about that success. There is nothing more powerful than working in the guts of an organization with a talented team of individuals and feeling the energy of collaboration coursing through the room. This is fulfillment!

People are the heart of leadership. You aren't a leader, until people follow, not because of your position, but because of your purpose.

This stack of love notes from my team is evidence of our success working together as a powerhouse over the last year. I have had the time of my life leading them, following them and learning with them. They gave me purpose and I am so grateful for their enthusiasm, integrity and tenacity.

I know that the world will be a different place because of the time we have spent together. Thank you for the privilege.