A resolution on staying the same


The first day of January marks a traditional New Year for many people, the gateway to a new beginning. Our thoughts naturally drift to our hopes for ourselves, the things we want to change about our weight, our love life, our financial situation or our work.

My husband made a joke this holiday season, about having a New Year's Resolution that he could actually keep, like eating whatever he wants all year. And that got me thinking. That is what every resolution should be.

In many ways, 2017 has been a normal year. There have been 12 months for one thing!  There were also births and deaths, weddings and divorces, peace and war, new leaders elected, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and moving expressions of humanity. And yet it hasn't been a typical year at all. 

For many people I love, me included, it has been a devastating time. Terrible illness. Folks dying too young. Broken hearts. Failure. Crushing disillusionment as tightly-held beliefs are challenged. No matter how hard I might try, a carefully crafted resolution can't change any of those things. Nor can it prevent them in 2018.

So this year, my resolution is about gratitude for all the things that I have in my life, for the things I have done well, for the lessons I have learned and all the amazing blessings that have come my way. 

More than anything else these blessings come in human form. My husband. My boys. My family. My friends -- you know, the kind who will help you bury the body. 

Whenever something bad happens, I am always reminded by the quality and capacity of the people I have in my life. We hold each other up. 

And so there is a part here about self-gratitude. I am proud to be who I am and to have done the things that I have. I won't set out to change who I am in spite of all that has happened. There isn't anything broken in me or in the people I love. We are good people drawn together like magnets, forces for good in this world. Life happens and we hold on. 

In 2018, I will spend more time laughing, crying, talking and snuggling (you know who you are) with these people. I am grateful to have the resources and capacity to provide for my family, to care for my mother and to make a contribution to the world through my work. I will take the time to fill my heart with this gratitude and live in the moment. Bring it on 2018. 

Happy New Year from the Crooks
Happy New Year from the Crooks

So Happy New Year from my family to yours. May you find your own resolution, the one you can keep. Fill your heart with your purpose and do what's right for you. 

We can be our best and do our best, no matter what the year throws at us.