Time to #LeanInTogether


This is so overdue, but I am really inspired now.

2017 was the year of #metoo and the #silencebreakers. Is 2018 the year of the #woman?

It is for me. I want to shout out to the world...I am a woman! And I am awesome!

No more nonsense. No more assault, abuse, harassment, misogyny and sexism. No more women hating women because it is hard for all of us women. No more being dismissed because of gender, race or age. No more being patronized. No more rug sweeping. No more posturing like a shrinking violet. No more pretending I am not who I am because people want me to be a little something else. No more.

The #silencebreakers have shown courage and we are living in their light. If we want to, we can acknowledge when things happen because of our gender, or some combination of gender, race, sexual orientation or other attribute. We can notice it and name it. That is for each of us to decide now. 

I am an ideator, an innovator, a writer, a creator and champion of others to do good.

I am not bossy, I am a leader.

I am not pushy, I am impassioned.

I am not naive, I am hopeful.

I can move mountains, because I believe in the power of people who want to work together toward positive change.

Who are you? What do you want? 

No one ever taught me what it was to be a feminist. No one ever told me I couldn't do something because of my gender. These topics were old news when I was growing up, not something I would ever need to worry about...

Except, feminism is still so important today.

Sheryl Sandberg's book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead was published in 2013. But I missed the movement. I was having a baby and figuring out how to mommy. But now is the perfect time to read it (or re-read it).


Although women are excelling in their studies and in graduation rates, we are still getting bruised and bloody on the glass ceiling. Or worse, looking up at it with fear or apathy. Or being disillusioned by bad or even nightmarish experiences. I won't stand for it.

I am going to be bold and stop reflecting the words of others in my thoughts and actions. I am going to be a champion of women in leadership, in work and in life. I am going to continue to be kind and a bit more patient. And invite others to join me in changing the world for women.

Let's be strong together. A collective of individuals who want to live in a world that is better for us all. 

If this moves you, I invite you to join in on the conversation by posting a comment or sharing on social media.