Career Coaching

Coaching is the practice of honing a person's best performance by seeking the answers that are already inside us. It's individual and deeply personal.

While it can often feel like others know better, or think they know better, you are the only person with the experiences, information, resources and accountability for making decisions in your own life. Coaching is a practice that helps you to uncover these answers.

At Brain Snacks Co, our founder and chief, Donna Crooks, supports Millennial career professionals and others to make decisions in order to maximize their happiness and career performance.

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entry-level coaching

This coaching practice is for graduates and new professionals, seeking guidance on career path, job search, resume building, interview success and negotiation. This is available to careerists with less than 5 years of experience. 

Coaching by the hour: $40/hr

mid-career coaching

This coaching practice is for mid-career professionals who are seeking more responsibility, management or leadership experience and greater earning potential. Or, ambitious folks seeking to pivot mid-career and want to uncover their potential.

Coaching by the hour: $75/hr



executive level coaching

This level of coaching is for organizational leadership, entrepreneurs and executives looking for the self awareness and courage that it takes to achieve great accomplishments. 

Coaching by the hour: $130/hr


Take advantage of our maternity leave special and save. All coaching clients on maternity leave receive a $30/hr discount on career coaching services at Brain Snacks Co. 

Interested in multiple sessions? Discounts are available for bundling services in 3, 6 or 12 session packages.

Client Testimonial

Donna recently helped me with some mid-level career coaching. Finding myself in a pivotal crossroads in my career, Donna offered different tools and asked powerful questions to help me navigate which direction was best for me. She listened and related with her personal experiences and gave me advice on how to achieve my objective. She really made me feel comfortable, that she genuinely cared and that she was with me every step of the way.

Thank you so much for your advice and support Donna!
— Melissa Olson de Vazquez