Conquer your day

Slide into a hot desk with bottomless cups coffee and tea to keep those creative juices flowing. Our workspace is free to use. It was designed by women, for women. Whether you’re on parental-leave with a little one, an entrepreneur wanting to get out of the house, or a student writing that last paper, everyone is welcome, come as you are.

Workspace Features

Vegan leather chairs in navy blue, custom glass-topped desks with golden hairpin legs, a small side office for phone calls or meetings with clients and a 3-in-1 printer for light printing needs.


Hours + Pricing

Invest your time to carve your future

Our co-work space is available from 7AM to 5PM during the week and 9AM to 4PM on the weekends at 376 University Park Drive in Regina’s east end.

Drop in Hot Desk

Free all day


$19/hour for the office
$40/hour for the whole space
$150/half day
$275/whole day

Avoid disappointment + reserve your space